Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Pool

Four weeks left and time to place your bets ladies & gentlemen! Okay, there will be no bets and winnings, this is just for bragging rights...but one of the coolest things we did when we were pregnant with Braden was to start an online baby pool! We had 42 guesses overall and I want to beat that this time. This is the most awesome part about being Team Green and not knowing baby's gender...being able to guess!

Here's a little cheat info on Braden if you'd like to try to have an upper hand:
  • 4 days overdue
  • 7 lbs 11 oz
  • 21" long
  • Born at 0759 AM 
If you've voted in the poll on my sidebar over the last few months, as of this morning it looks like this:
Most of you are thinking now just transfer your guesses along with birthday, time, weight, and length in the pool! I'm going to remove the poll and put a badge on for the baby pool so you can keep track of other people's guesses!
We hope you'll join us in the fun and spread the word about our baby pool, by the power of my SmartPhone I posted the results right in the delivery room last time within hours of Braden being born. Don't you just love technology?