Friday, October 5, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant

Okay. It's like REALLY sinking in just how close this all is getting. Just 3 days ago we began the official "month to go"countdown and now we're in the "less than a month" category. 4 weeks as of today! You know? I've been getting a lot of "oh I bet you're ready to be done, aren't you?" comments lately. Probably now more than ever. And you know what? I'm not really itching for this pregnancy to be done. I'm very happy with the pace of the pregnancy, which is good...because I can't make it slow down or go faster anyway! I'm not ridiculously uncomfortable and aching to get this baby out, I'm just really trying to savor all the pregnant moments because this might be my last. Which makes me sad, but I'm being realistic because we both just don't know. There's no way for us to know until we're "there", we've decided.

Here's some more pregnancy updates and happenings lately:
  • Still not feeling big, but baby is growing so it's all good
  • Weekly appointments start this Wednesday and I have the rest booked!
  • The girls are growing again...getting ready I suppose
  • No swelling, but I didn't swell last time at all
  • Hips/pelvis very achy by the end of the day. Actually, when I settle into bed at night it REALLY hurts at first but then things adjust and it's okay.
  • Sometimes I sleep through the night, which is a miracle in itself, but I'm usually up once at about 3 to pee - benefit of a long torso and smaller baby I guess!
  • No linea nigra, which really surprises me! Did you get one in your pregnancy(ies)? I'd had a light one for weeks by this time with Braden (link below!)
  • My belly is CRAZY itchy. I can hardly stand to have any material touching it, at night I let it "air out"...lucky Jay! Baby must be growing and skin stretching
  • I'm getting really excited for Braden to be a big brother. All the guilt and worries of the past...are a thing of the past!
  • Haven't felt anymore pressure down there....yet. Baby hasn't dropped yet, or I sure haven't felt it
  • I get a day out to myself today with my friend Lisa and then it's a date night with friends for me and Jay - yay!
  • It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I totally forgot until last week when my mother-in-law asked us what our plans were. But I'm very glad I get to see my family one more time before baby.
And because I know I'll regret it if I don't do it...some bare belly pics again this week! Also if you would like to see what I looked like with Braden at 36 weeks, go on and take a look! I think I was more "out there" with my belly and that I look heavier this time...because I am...with a smaller belly!
36 Weeks
36 Weeks

Until then, I'm enjoying all the kicks, rolls, and body parts jabbing out of my belly. But there is one thing that I just don't enjoy anymore, allow me to present you with another edition of Pregnant Problems, especially now that Melissa isn't pregnant anymore!
Pregnant Problems Hiccups