Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

You've all heard the poem Monday's Child at some point in your life, right? Well, if not, or if it's been awhile, here's a reminder:

Monday's child is fair of face, 
Tuesday's child is full of grace, 
Wednesday's child is full of woe, 
Thursday's child has far to go, 
Friday's child is loving and giving, 
Saturday's child works hard for his living, 
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day 
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

I don't know why, but when I was in labor that poem came into my head, knowing that Ethan was going to be a Tuesday's child. The topic of grace had been on my mind and I feel like it was the theme for Ethan's birthday: grace.
Grace - an undeserved favor or gift; the undeserved forgiveness, kindness and mercy that God gives us (NIV).
The miracle of making, growing, and giving birth to a baby will always blow my mind. It truly does feel like an "undeserved gift" from God. I'm so blessed that He chose me to be Braden & Ethan's mother.

When I went into labor on October 16th in the middle of the night...the roads were clear. The weather was perfect...by the grace of God.

When I went into labor, my in-laws were out of province (they were going to take care of Braden for us), but my own mother was already here, ready to take care of Braden...by the grace of God.

My mom had a prior commitment on Ethan's birthday that was cancelled...by the grace of God.

My friend Samantha was able to come and be a support and document Ethan's birth for us with amazing pictures in the middle of the night...by the grace of God. 

When my goal of delivering Ethan naturally again was in doubt, I went from 6 cm to birth in 1/2 an hour...by the grace of God.

When the anesthetist was drawing up the medication for my spinal, I suddenly felt the urge to push, thus fulfilling my desires and hopes to give birth naturally...by the grace of God.

This was God's plan for us all along. I've learned over the last 6 months to fully trust in His plan for me. I may not understand it, or like it, but in the end I know it's what's best. Especially since Ethan's birth, winter has come full force and the roads have been absolutely awful at times.

I may not have had the car seat installed, my vehicle cleaned out, and a heck of a lot more on my to do list done...but I wouldn't rather have it any other way!

Tuesday's Child