Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Trimesters Down...1 to go!!

I can't believe that we're only 12 weeks away from having a child of our own!! Speaking of that...I'm 28 weeks pregnant today and just starting the third trimester. That's less than 3 calendar months away! I go through phases where I wish the end of January would just hurry up and get here so we can meet this little one...then the next minute I can't believe that the end of January is only 12 weeks away!! That's not enough time! So much stuff to do!

A birthday cake fit for a princess! We celebrated Serena's 4th birthday with her whooooole family today. Grandma & Grandpa's house was absolutely full with about 8 kids and all us adults there. I couldn't help but feel puzzled and a bit guilty that we'll be adding to all that noise come 3 months!! Ray and I figured that it was probably a good thing in the end! We had a nice afternoon of snacking and visiting and enjoying this really neat "castle cake" that Deah made for Serena - it was very yummy!
Well, I must go. I love daylight savings where we get an extra hour...but man am I tired, just staying up so we can watch our favorite show Dexter!