Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uh oh! Who's in trouble?

Of course he didn't actually "get in trouble" could I? It was my fault anyway. I was cooking in the kitchen, I had left the spice/baking door open and he was standing by it. I left momentarily to put Braden's laundry away in his room, as I was leaving the kitchen, I called out to him and told him to follow me to his room...he usually does no problem. I got side-tracked putting his laundry away, and then got to thinking that Braden wasn't around. I went to the kitchen and almost burst out laughing, as this is what I saw...
Oh....hiya, Mom!
He was just so happy!
 He was really chewing on the can and even trying to "drink" it, but luckily the opening was the other way!
 And here's a little video: