Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Am Going to do a.....

TRIATHLON!!! I can't believe I'm actually writing the words, because I detest running, biking hurts my arse, and I love swimming...but my arms don't! But, in the next 11 months I hope to tolerate...maybe even like running, get my butt in shape (literally and figuratively), and strengthen my arms so I can swim like a fish!

I will actually be doing a 1/2 triathlon in the Tri-Smore 2nd annual triathlon next June with my friends Carley and Lindsay from work! It`s 12 laps of the pool, a 5 km bike ride and a 2.5 km run. Carley and I talked about this the other day at Stampede and Lindsay has done a few, if I remember correctly. It will be so nice to have some girls to train with, it will get me out of the house, something to do, and a goal to look forward to. I've always admired my friends who have done triathlons and marathons...but just the idea of running totally turns me off on the idea.

I am doing this for me, not to see how fast I can do it or what place I come in, but just to prove to myself that I can do it. People look at me or see pictures of me and tell me that I look good and/or that I'm thin...and yeah. I think I look good and got lucky and lost all the baby weight and maybe a bit more, but I didn't do anything to lose it. I just breastfed and went on the odd walk. I might look good, but I don't feel good. I`m not in shape by any means and not toned in the least. Wish me luck and journey with me on my updates of training and eventually competing/completing my first 1/2 triathlon!

Jay is totally supportive of this and we went on a bike ride last night...probably about 2.5 km...and I nearly died. Felt great doing it, butt is sore as always, but because I truly haven`t been active for what seems like years, I`m not gonna lie - I kinda wanted to puke a little bit! Oh good time! And actually, the Tri-Smore is open to all ages so Braden is going to do his first triathlon, with the help of Daddy, with will be so cute!


  1. I think it's great! Good for you! Working out is always ten times more fun and easier with workout partners.

  2. Good for you!! Can't say I'm that brave. But I am with you on the just because I lost the baby weight... doesn't mean I'm the same! Have "fun" training!

  3. i would just like to say that if you look like you do without any exercise, you are going to have to eat a LOT to not become crazy skinny when you start training! and if you want a running/jogging partner every now & then before winter let me know!


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