Friday, July 15, 2011

Strange Boy

I've seen posts from friends who's little girls already have to have their purses, sunglasses, necklaces, shoes, etc. on...and it happened to us the first time yesterday! Braden goes to his closet often and pulls things out, what toddler doesn't...well he brought me a pair of Osh Kosh sneakers (old man sneakers, as Jay would say) and asked me in his toddler way to have them on. I sat him in my lap, on the floor, as I often do and put on one...then he didn't seem too interested, so I took that shoe off. Well. BIG MISTAKE!! He was not impressed, started bawling, picked up his shoes, plopped himself down on my lap and I put them both on. He didn't even go outside, he was just in his diaper anyway because his shorts were wet from the water table!
Don't ask me why but he HAD to have his sneakers on! #lifewithatoddler
I was cooking supper and as it's been lately, Braden was too hungry to wait, so I pulled all my distraction tactics in my bag and this was his favorite...

I set up the lap top on YouTube with the digger videos - awesome! He is just growing and learning so much lately. He is getting really good at repeating words and sounds and we can actually have mini-conversations with him.

"Braden, do you want some num nums?"
"Yah!" Num num!"
[goes over to pantry]
"What do you want to eat?"
[picks out whatever he wants, sometimes has a debate with himself]
"Go to your num num chair, okay?"
[as he's eating...]
"Nummy! Yummy! All done!"

He's definitely done signing for the most part and is starting to say his sign words even! This age is an absolute blast and I love baby babble!

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