Saturday, July 16, 2011

When It`s Quiet...There`s Trouble!

This is quite possibly the best picture ever...
It's never a good thing when it's quiet. This is where I just found him!

This is our son, described in a picture, to perfection! It was miiiiighty quiet suddenly, I walked down the hall (past the bathroom) and into Braden`s room where I started tidying up for the 3rd time today. Then I heard the water going on...the water going off...the water going on...the water going off. Then this is what I see. He is such a GOOF!!! Seriously, unless you know Braden you have NO idea what a goof he is. We are so blessed to have this little boy, I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again - we LOVE him so much and this age is so fun! Trying at times for sure, but so fun!

So here are some pics from the other day that show exactly how he can crawl up on the counter now (that was the first time today that I actually saw him all the way up...

Step 1: Cute, fat feet on stepping stool
Step 2: Use bare feet to grip your way up the cupboards
Step 3: Using feet and arms together, push & pull!

Step 4: Halfway there! Turning the faucet off and on is fun!
And apparently step 5 was accomplished today! Pull self all the way up onto counter top, play in the water and suck on Gram`s toothbrush! hehehe!

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