Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fear of the Known

Pregnant mamas...your bellies ever go ridonkulously lopsided?! I could not believe that baby is head down at appt today, but happy!!
Did you belly ever go lopsided like this!?
Don't worry, you read that right. It's not fear of the "unknown", it's fear of the known. Well, a lot of it is known from my first and only experience, but of course most of it still is unknown. What am I talking about? Labor and delivery. I know I have 7 or so weeks to go, but believe me, it's been in the forefront of my brain pretty much ever since I gave birth to Braden. Yup. My labor with him (read below) was pretty fast so I've always thought...what will happen with my subsequent children!? Not to brag, but I think this body was made to have babies. I don't know if it's my height (6'1"), my body structure, my pelvic cavity, just the way I'm built...but whatever it is I think I'm built for growing babies and birthing them! I think back in "the day" I could easily pop out multiple children like they all did. Or, in modern day, I'd make a darn good, albeit tall, Hutterite!

Let me just give you the shortened version of Braden's birth story and why I am a little concerned for what this labor and delivery might be like:
  • 3 days overdue
  • 2PM pregnancy massage
  • 5PM Chinese food supper
  • 5:30PM irregular contractions begin  7-12 minutes apart
  • 6PM start losing mucous plug
  • contractions get a bit closer as the evening goes on, but nothing painful yet
  • 11PM try to go to bed
  • 11:30 PM call hospital with regular contractions 5 minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds, they say wait until they're 4 minutes apart and come
  • 12AM decide to have a shower and head to hospital
  • 2AM arrive at hospital admitted and I'm 3 cm & 50% effaced - I mark this as the start of my official labor as contractions were regular at 4 mins and getting uncomfortable/painful
  • 5:30AM labor continues, nurse checks me and I'm 8 cm
  • 6AM doctor comes in to break my water and says I'll have the baby within 2 hours
  • 20 minutes of pushing....
  • 7:59AM Braden is born
  • no tears, no problems! (Note: that's as in delivery "down there" tears...not tears from your eyes...there were plenty of happy tears!)
So if you can do simple math, that's just a minute shy of a 6 hour active labor...for my first! If what "they" say is true and your subsequent children are born faster, I fear of making it to the hospital on time! We live 45 minutes away, so this time I think I'll be heading to the hospital as soon as I know I'm having regular contractions and am in labor. I never had false labor with Braden, once the irregular contractions started, they never fizzled out and just became regular and turned into labor!

I think my body is already telling me this might be fast. My hips/pelvis started to spread weeks ago, and I can't imagine what it's going to feel like when this baby actually drops! Braden was a nice 7 lbs 11 oz and I didn't tear at all (by the grace of God, clearly...I don't know how that's physically possible!) and I'm thinking this baby will be about the same size, maybe a tad smaller even? Plus, my body has done this already. It knows, it remembers.

Mind you, I have read many a birth story that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. labor and delivery was the longest lasting over 18 hours, etc! So only God knows. I do trust Him that he will take care of us and ensure our health &'s all I can do. This gives me least to some degree! Plus, then there's remembering the pain of it all. I did it natural and med-free, so that's obviously my goal again. It wasn't easy, but it was doable.

And then I realized this today:
So there's that milestone today...! #pregnancy

I'm not panicking about the arrival of the baby, moreso that NOTHING is ready and it's NOT my fault. Type A. Mild OCD...that's me! The nursery would be done. The itty bitty newborn clothes would be washed, as well as the itty bitty cloth diapers...but I have nowhere to put it. You can read why here. BUT my carpenter did come yesterday and is supposed to actually start the WORK tomorrow. Pray for us!
I love our Dr! He's so amazing with kids, Braden wanted his tummy checked too and Dr. Maseka was happy to oblige! Then B said "fank you, Dr. 'seka!!" ☺
And here's a little update on the bebe, we hadn't had an appointment for 5 weeks, I got pushed back...oh well! We had the appointment on Monday:
  • My BP 96/64 - normal for me and so thankful it's not high!
  • My heartrate 68, totally forgot to ask what Squishy's was...but it was there, that's all that matters
  • Measuring 29 cm, so about 3 weeks behind. Was always 1-2 weeks behind with Braden too.
  • Squishy is HEAD DOWN! Heck yes! So happy about this, I was almost certain s/he was transverse!
I also saw the chiropractor and I REALLY needed it, 5 weeks was way too long in between appointments. Discussed with him about bringing Squishy in upon discharge from the hospital, if born during the week, and he was happy to be able to squeeze us in if it works out that way. We took Braden at 2 weeks and 6 weeks and it did WONDERS for him.

Appointments go to every 2 weeks now! Also, how adorable is Braden? We love our Dr. Maseka - he is so wonderful with kids, Braden wanted to have his tummy checked too and said "fank you, Dr. 'seka!" when he was all done! ::heart melted::

I'm 33 weeks tomorrow! The odd weeks never seem as celebratory as the even weeks...just me!? Anyways, we're off to a wedding for a couple of nights so unless I get a post scheduled for the weekend, it'll be a bit quiet around these parts. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That's an amazing birth story!!! You are one baby machine! My body doesn't actually know how to go into labor, so it must be nice ;) I hope this one is even easier for you!!!!

  2. My first L and D was 4 hours start to finish. My doc always said my second one would be half time and he was right! Two hours start to finish!! So with the 3rd one I was nervous cuz she was going to be born in Calgary (cuz of her down syndrome and heart defect), an hour away, actually farther to the hosp. So to shorten the story, ended up waiting for hours cuz i was to be induced. Anyway, I had an epidural with her, so it actually lengthened the whole process, it was around 5-6 hrs.So my advice to you is, don't waste any time!:)All the best..

  3. You'll do great, and if you have the baby on the side of the road, at least you won't be bummed that you missed the epidural. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a pretty quick labor! Mine was about the same, but was induced. Maybe TMI but I'm jealous of your no tear! That was the most painful part of pregnancy/labor/delivery/recovery for me.. healing from that tear! If you didn't last time, I bet you won't this time!!

    PS. Braden is so cute having his tummy checked too. What a nice doctor!

  5. Wow that is fast! My BFF is like you! In fact our OB jokes with her that she is just built for having babies! Her second labor was about the same as her first! Good luck and I hope you have not too fast, not too slow labor and no tearing!!!

  6. Wow you were much faster than me! From start to finish (from when my water started breaking) mine 36hours but active labor was only a few- my body stopped at 4cm LOL so Csection we went. I think you'll do fine, wondering how fast you will go though! ;)

  7. OMG! Jealous! And I pray that the same thing happens with baby #2 for you!! :O) We are both getting so close! Oh and can you have squishy have a heart to heart with my baby girl about the head down thing?!?! Thanks! ;)

  8. Not long now!!! Wow quick birth. Hoping baby #2 is just as easy. My second baby was way easy and came after just 3 unplanned VBAC!

  9. I can only hope labor with my second takes half the time! I feel opposite of you, standing only 5'1", short waist and legs (duh I'm 5'1"), this body took a beating with #1. The known can be scary, for sure, but it seems like you've got this thing down! :)

  10. That is so fast. I was in labor for 24 hours with 3 hours of pushing, only to end in an e-csection. I am so happy for you and pray for a quick, easy delivery!

  11. I'm jealous of your baby evacuation skills!! My labor was fast, but the pushing was not. I have a tilted pelvis and my girls came down a little sideways...However I will agree that the second was faster and a bit easier than the first. I hope it goes as well with Squishy (but not too fast!). I am praying for you!

  12. Sarah, prayers you have a wonderful and safe delivery. Head down babies, yah!!! With Levi I was only in active labor for about 8 hours which isn't a whole lot longer than you! Your lucky you don't tear, both of my babies have/had big heads! Oh and my belly was lopsided with Levi too at the late stage.

  13. I think in general the 2nd one always goes faster because you body has already been there/done that. I was in active labor with Aubs for about 6 hours and only about 3 with Finley. I'm sure you'll do great no matter what.


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